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GraveDigger Speaks Out


I have been riding for over 40 years, 30 of those years here in Florida have seen the laws come and go, I sure many of you remember strapping on one of those brain buckets when the heat index was over a 100 degrees, not to say that if you wear one now you are some kind of freak, but it's freedom of choice I'm talking about here. Because of the increase of accidents and new riders the State of Florida is relooking at this law and many more new ones. I worked hard and long hours as a member of ABATE to give us freedom of choice about what we put on our heads. Now with the increase and abuse of traffic laws by those young punks on crotch rocketsí, biking is going back to its early day of all bikers are outlaws by the public and politicians.

Here's a great example on September 22, 2005, Hooters has a Bike Night once a week in the city of Casselberry. That night the police stopped 65 motorcycles, 60% of the bikes the operator had no cycle license, 3 where stolen and 9 had suspended licenses. Oh by the way I forgot to add all of the bikes where rockets!. I'm not saying that all riders that ride on these rockets abuse the laws, but the percentage of our problems is in that group of ones that do.

Now for the real point of my article, I attend many of the biker events in Florida and I'm getting sick and tried of hearing you cry like a little pussy faggot fuckers about having to wear helmets again if it passes. Damn Join ABATE in your county or write to your congressman or even the Gov. Crisp. Let them hear our voices on this matter and not the sound of one those bumblebees driven by young punks.

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